Going Global: A Guide to Building a Business in Vietnam

Dear Clients,

Nowadays, Vietnam has gradually become one of the most attractive locations for foreign investors in South-East Asia on the basis of low wages, favorable demographics, a growing middle class, political stability and its location. Once investors have decided to globalize their business operations and consider opportunities in a foreign country like Vietnam, an emerging market, one of the first important thing to do is evaluating the business, legal, political and social conditions in addition to overall assessment of competitive factors in specific industries and business sectors of the country where their companies are going to operate.

In paving the way for new investment wave after the lengthy lockdown and social distancing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, LIKON LAW, based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, is exciting to introduce a Legal Guide entitled “Going Global: A Guide to Building a Business in Vietnam”. This Legal Guide contains 07 chapters that deliberately guide you through the key aspects of investing in Vietnam:

  • Chapter 1: Evaluating Vietnam market
  • Chapter 2: Incorporation of foreign business entities in Vietnam
  • Chapter 3: Miscellaneous
  • Chapter 4: Acquisitions of assets in Vietnam
  • Chapter 5: Contract law for businesspeople
  • Chapter 6: Business immigration to Vietnam
  • Chapter 7: Dispute resolution and enforcement

We hope this Legal Guide is of great assistance to you in search of doing business in Vietnam. Please click the link to access the full text of the Legal Guide: DOWNLOAD