As society continues to evolve into the need for instant information, the laws of advertising will, in a certain respect, trail behind. The rules of television, radio, and print media have been around for years, but the rules of the internet and other electronic or telephony delivery are still very much in development. As such, there is no one size fits all approach that can be applied to a given corporation and the way it advertises its products or services.

Emerging Technologies 

New technology products has occurred to entertainment, music, publishing, computer technology, finance, securities, healthcare, insurance, and communication in new combinations which may have untested legal implications. As a result, new data and media formats, new devices, new applications, new services, and new methods of accessing and distributing data, content and services are constantly introduced into the business and consumer markets.

As technology is emerging constantly, an attorney must understand the technology of the relevant areas, the interests and standards of the businesses active in this field, and the myriad of intellectual property and contractual issues that may arise in such transaction. It is important for the attorney to not only keep abreast of these changes and new initiatives, but to draft documents and structure transactions to anticipate the changes and growth in these technologies, as well as the business models which rely upon such technologies.


The digital revolution has had an impact on every branch of the entertainment industry, primarily in terms of advertising, the delivery of product, and services, as well as creating additional revenue streams.

Entertainment law, like any other field of commercial law, is a combination of legal principles and business practices. Business practices and pressures relating to motion pictures, television, music, radio, live theater, literary publishing, and interactive digital media are discussed as a means to understand the legal concepts at work throughout the industry.

Our team can help to assist clients to deal with any legal issues in motion picture; television; music; radio; live theater; literary publishing; and interactive digital media.


Looking to young population, the rising numbers of middle-class people among the population and rising living standards, retailing in Vietnam is expected to continue recording a stable and positive outlook, which is worth US$125 billion. Following more favourable foreign investment policy, international retailers are expected to expand their outlet networks and establish a stronger presence in the Vietnamese retailing industry. Recently, more international retailers have increasingly penetrated Vietnam retail market in which they have outnumberred local retailers.

Our team can help to assist international and local retailers to deal with any legal issues in this industry, including business compliance check-up; outlet commercial leasing; licensing work; buy and sell agreements with suppliers; logistics related to retail; and e-commerce.


Vietnam Logistics industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Vietnam and is expected to grow at a greater pace than the GDP growth rate. However, poor logistics infrastructure and inadequate documents resulted in high costs for market participants.

We have a dedicated, specialist logistics that advises clients on how to manage all issues that arise from their logistics operations. Through our integrated network of offices, we offer a comprehensive range of dispute resolution and transactional legal services to companies buying, selling, operating and insuring logistics and multimodal transport businesses and services.


Over the last 20 years the securities market has been developing strongly and improving constantly. The maturity of Vietnam’s stock market is its contribution to the process of restructuring the economy, becoming a dynamic and efficient capital mobilisation and allocation channel for the economy.

Our approach is to thoroughly understand the securities market, a company’s business and objectives so that we can better and more effectively advise them on investing and trading, stocks.