Modern life has changed family structure and eventually change the way how family law issues affect people’s life. Our service is to provide the best solutions to people in need to pre-schedule their life in the most effective manner.

Not only Vietnamese but also other groups of people are involved in this churning world. Being integrated into global trade, Vietnamese overseas community has contributed to sustainable development of Vietnam economy in the past several years. Even though Vietnamese overseas reside abroad, they have kept in touch with their relatives in Vietnam and maintain their connections at some extent to Vietnam. We understand Vietnamese overseas’ concerns and expectation when dealing with legal issues surrounding their Vietnamese heritage.

Foreigners are coming to Vietnam in a larger number. They work, live and even marry Vietnamese citizens. A special country like Vietnam may cause legal trouble to those living in there. We serve as your own counsel to prevent you from getting into legal troubles.

Our practice covers:

  • Asset Sale & Purchase;
  • Foreign Marriage Registration/Declaration Services;
  • Child protection and adoption;
  • Child custody, visitation and support;
  • Certification of Vietnamese nationality;
  • Criminal record;
  • Work visa and marriage visa;
  • Divorce and separation; and
  • Property settlement.