Chapter 2: Incorporation of Foreign Business in Vietnam

When a company makes the decision to establish a presence abroad, especially in Vietnam, it faces numerous questions about the legal form of that presence under the laws of the foreign jurisdiction.

In Vietnam, the choice of legal form for that presence often depends largely on the following issues: (i) whether the legal form provides limited liability to the foreign company; (ii) the ease and expense of registration and compliance with other regulatory requirements for the given business; and (iii) the tax strategy pursued by the foreign company.

Chapter 2 contains 20 sections that provide you with a thorough understanding of applicable Vietnamese law:

  1. Introduction
  2. Subsidiaries/Affiliates
  3. Joint Venture Companies (JVCs)
  4. Partnership
  5. Social enterprises
  6. Business Trust
  7. Holding Companies
  8. Regional Headquarters
  9. Liaison Offices or Representative Offices
  10. Branch Office
  11. Licensing Authorities, Business Registration and Incorporation Certificates
  12. Business Scopes
  13. Documentation
  14. Legal Representatives
  15. Board of Directors and Controllers
  16. Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
  17. Foreign Employees
  18. Vietnamese employees
  19. Labor Unions
  20. Technology Transfers and Licensing

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