Chapter 3: Miscellaneous

When a company makes the decision to establish a presence in Vietnam, in addition to choosing a legal form for that presence, there are many issues surrounding company’s establishment and operations that need to be taken into account such as profit remittance, taxes, lending activity, environment, corruption & money laundering, anti-competitive behaviors…etc.

Chapter 3 contains 09 sections that equip you with a general knowledge about these issues under Vietnamese law:

  1. Profit Remittance
  2. Corporate Income Taxes (CIT) & Incentives
  3. Personal Income Tax (PIT)
  4. Foreign Exchange Control & Cash Use
  5. Security Interest in Personal Property and Real Property
  6. Insolvency
  7. Environment
  8. Corruption and Money Laundering
  9. Anti-competitive Behaviors (Unfair Trade Practice)

We hope this chapter is helpful for you in search of doing business in Vietnam. Please click the link below to access the full text of Chapter 3: DOWNLOAD