Chapter 1: Advantages of alternative dispute resolution

In today’s market economy, businessmen always want to build trust and look forward to long-term cooperation with others to ensure their business activities to be stable and developed. However, due to many reasons, it is inevitable that economic and commercial relationships between parites have disagreements and conflicts leading to disputes related to those relationships. Therefore, in order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, choosing an appropriate settlement method is the most important factor.

However, nowadays, the parties tend to choose alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. An ADR method is any method of dispute resolution outside the court. There are many ADR methods, so it is important to notice their key differences.

Chapter 1 includes 03 contents, providing readers an overview of some ADR methods. In addition, Chapter 1 also analyzes the characteristics that this dispute resolution method brings as well as points out the role of lawyers to assist clients during the process of using ADR methods.

  1. ADR in general
  2. Advantages of ADR
  3. Role of counsel

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