ADR & Arbitration Guide 2022

Dear Clients.

In today’s market economy, businessmen always want to build trust and look forward to long-term commercial relationships with others to ensure their business activities to be stable and developed. Those commercial relationships are always associated with benefits, so, when there are conflicts of benefits, the disputes can easily arise. In recent years, commercial disputes become more complicated and frequent, especially in dispute involving foreign elements. Therefore, in order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, choosing an appropriate settlement method is the most important factor.

Today, using the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a popular trend in the business community in the world because of its effectiveness. An ADR method is any method of dispute resolution outside the court, preventing and resolving the disputes with the assistance of third party. Nowadays, in Vietnam in particular and all around the world in general, there are many dispute resolution methods. Each method has its own advantages, disadvantage and will be selected based on the demand of parties.

Along with the above popular trend, LIKON LAW, based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, is exciting to introduce a Legal Guide entitled “ADR & Arbitration Guide 2022”. This Legal Guide contains 07 chapters:

Chapter 1: Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 2: Mediation

Chapter 3: Arbitration

Chapter 4: Hybrid Procedure

Chapter 5: Compromises and Settlements

Chapter 6: Tax Issues

We hope this Legal Guide is of great assistance to you in search of understanding about the specific characteristics of alternative dispute resolution methods. Please click the link to access the full text of the Legal Guide: DOWNLOAD