Chapter 4: Hybrid Procedure

Nowadays, the number of commercial disputes in international as well as national scope is increasing and growing in complexity. In addition to mediation and arbitration, there are a number of alternative dispute resolution forms that combine mandatory and optional elements (also known as hybrid processes and procedures). The hybrid process, also known as the interconnection mechanism, is a process used concurrently with a single alternative dispute resolution method. It offers a more flexible and effective means of conflict resolution in the modern business context.

Chapter 4 consists of 03 main sections, with content related to 03 most popular hybrid procedures as well as analysis of advantages and disadvantages of them

  1. Negotiation – Arbitration
  2. Mediation – Arbitration
  3. Arbitration – Mediation

We hope that this chapter can provide you with some useful information about some common interconnected procedures as well as advantages and disadvantages to the parties. Click on the link below to view the full content of Chapter 3:  DOWNLOAD