Chapter 6: Business Immigration to Vietnam

In the process of establishing a presence in Vietnam, company also needs to consider the issue of bringing foreign employees to Vietnam. In sending foreign employees to Vietnam, business must learn to view the immigration process in a broader sense, beyond employment-based immigrant visa categories. There are many ways for a person to gain legal status to live and work in Vietnam. To overlook one of these options could prove to be a costly mistake.

Chapter 6 contains 02 sections that list all of the available options, including citizenship, family based and employment-based immigration, and nonimmigrant visas. Referring to these options can help you to obtain the best possible solution to an immigration problem.  

  1. Choosing Right Visa Category
  2. Immigration Law in General
    1. Citizenship
    2. Immigrant Visa
      1. Investment-based Immigration
      2. Employment-based Immigration
      3. Family-based Immigration
    3. Nonimmigrant Visa

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